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Metabolism Boosters

Spice it up baby – not just in the bedroom (yes that burns calories as well!) but in your food. KISS – Keep It Simple and Spicy (you know what I mean). Try the following spices on your lean meats – it allows a tasty meal without the added fat & calories of sauces. Spices are not only good for your metabolism but they have added advantages …

Cayenne – try mixing it with sea salt, garlic, oregano and black pepper for a true shake & bake experience for chicken, lean beef or fish. This sizzling spice will make you smile as it also releases mood improving endorphins.

Cinnamon – helps fight inflammation & insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar. Drop a stick into your tea or sprinkle on meats and leftovers to extend storage life. The sticks are sweeter than the ground version.

Nutmeg – this helps curb muscle soreness, fatigue and contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. (Sounds nasty but it’s all good.) So sprinkle a little on your post-workout protein shake or even in coffee. For something a little more daring, try it on cooked baby spinach.

Garlic – always good mixed with lemon and lime on baked fish. It has the added benefit of fending off colds and vampires (allegedly).

Breakfast booster – warm yourself up with porridge (avoid the packaged ones with too much added sugar), stick with plain instant oats and add ½ cup of berries like strawberries and blueberries – both excellent antioxidants. Frozen berries are just as good and the heat of the oats thaws them. You can also defrost them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Oatmeal is filled with protein and fiber, it’s low GI and it’s cheap!