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Your Best Beach Body Workout

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the beach chair, check your summer wardrobe and make sure that teeny weeny bikini still fits. Chances are you probably aren’t as happy looking at your reflection in the mirror after the winter months, where your lily white legs are like Rudolph’s nose and are glowing in the dark and, to top it off, you have discovered a few extra dimples (that you swear weren’t there last year).

Hmmm … what to do?

Well, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and we have devised the beach body workout to help get back your “Bikini Confidence”… complete with pictures!

Toning up is always the best way to start feeling your best and boost your confidence.

There are two factors that will assist you in your toning up mission.

  1. Good Nutrition – Yep – I have said it before and I will say it again. Cut out sugar and refined wheat products and you will be thanking me forever (feel free to send me your success stories) Of course everything in moderation is a good rule but if you follow this suggestion for six weeks this will definitely kick start your body into a finely tuned machine. Eat lean foods like tuna, lean chicken/turkey breast, oatmeal and fish. To lose body fat, have only 20 per cent of your macronutrient intake as fat.
  2. Cardio – try 30mins twice a week – step it up with interval training.
  3. Strength Training – see pictures and diagrams below, but don’t just look, actually practice them! Progress yourself every week a little harder; a few more reps will help your mission. These exercises focus on multi muscle movements. Why work just one muscle group when you can work several at a time?

Unfortunately, women are the biggest victims of being good at the first two then failing badly on the MOST important one: strength training. Women are afraid of getting bulky but the truth is it is very difficult for women to get bulky due to the lack of testosterone in our bodies. This is why men often take testosterone supplements to gain muscle mass. So fear not; embrace strength training and the beach body workout and you will really start to see those white thighs firm up. (Hey I can help you with the beach body workout … I never said anything about your tan!)

Beach Body exercises: If you are a beginner try two sets of 12 reps, if intermediate try three sets of 12 reps.

 Always warm up for at least 510 minutes before jumping into these exercises. Of course seek doctor’s clearance before starting any new exercise regime.


I am not a gym person, nor a machine person, and I always seem to find some reason to feel unmotivated (and it’s frequently something about the instructor). But you were so pleasant and motivating that I really looked forward to every class. I liked the variety and the fact that you pushed us just enough every time, you played good music, and you have a wonderful sense of humor.

I noticed big improvements right away: I am now able to ride on the bike path to the marina in less than 2/3 the time it used to take me (and I ride all the way in the highest gear!) and I am able to handle the oars much better when I row – it’s like night and day. So thank you so much for all your hard work on behalf of the people in your classes – it really pays off!

Thanks again,

Martha Doran

I’d like to thank you for the terrific article in the recent edition of ClubMag, entitled “Get Motivated”.

I read it and felt totally up lifted and motivated and have now committed to a circuit routine in my own home. It is reassuring to know I’m not the only one inclined to feel down and pile on a kilo or two in the winter months. At the moment unable enroll with decent trainers and gyms I was letting myself go a little.

Your article taught me how to take the situation into my own hands and use my home as a gym. I’m already noticing a difference in my butt after the squats and lunges I’ve been doing!

Thanks for the motivation ClubMag, I’ve no doubt you’ll keep up the good work!

An avid fan,
Kirsty, Melbourne

Skater side lunge – use dumbbells to increase resistance. Align feet, have both feet facing forward. One leg bent, one leg straight, chest up, core on.

Single leg lunge with overhead press – bodyweight should be in the middle not over the front toes. Expect to be wobbly at first.

Standing triceps overhead extension – stand on one leg for increased balance benefit.

Crunch with chest press – hold the chest press as you crunch. The ball provides extra resistance and works chest and shoulders at the same time.

Mountain climbers – whoa, start slowly, engage core, switch legs and keep switching, then increase pace. Repeat x 50 times and watch your heart rate climb.

Squat with bicep curl – raise dumbbells into bicep curls as you lower your butt.

Uneven push ups – you can use a step or a medicine ball. Challenging in every way.

Core twist – start with ball between thighs then, when ready to progress, move to knees and ankles. An additional squeeze will do the trick.